Un-recovered warranty repair costs can be a significant part of maintenance costs, these cost can add up and have negative impact to the bottom line. Tracking this information can help reduce costs but also provide insights into optimising productivity and informed purchasing decision.

Benefits of tracking warranty information

  • Recover warranted costs
  • Reduce asset lifecycle costs
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Informed purchasing decisions

When faced with breakdown of an asset/equipment, how do you easily and quickly find the required information to get back up and running.

  •  Is it still under warranty?
  • Who the vendor is you purchased from, and the purchase cost?
  • How to contact them?
  • Is this a new or recurring issue?
  • Service history to document manufacturer’s recommendations have been followed?
  • Cost of maintenance equipment over its lifetime?
  • Make a decision on repair or replace?

You may have this information available within your organisation, but getting to it can sometimes be painful and time consuming and is likely to be stored in various sources/ places, paper based, or you may be reliant on the vendor or your service provider.

Don’t spend time searching for this information from various sources. Save time and get to this information fast to quickly answer these questions and take remedial action.

FixHub’s intelligent Asset Register enables you to track warranties and all the important information related to your assets/equipment, readily available wherever you are. Instantly check if it is under warranty and who to contact. Helping you to ensure warranties are honored and you are not paying more than you should for service providers.

In addition, the Fix Hub Service Work order management function allows you to quickly create service requests and send them to your service provider, with all the required information at the touch of a button.

Getting you back up and running fast.

FixHub, Making Asset And Maintenance Management Simple.

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