Within many organisations maintenance costs can account for a significant part of the operational budget, and therefore improving maintenance effectiveness is a potential source for making financial savings.

From a maintenance perspective the goal is to improve up-time/ efficiency/ lifetime with the least cost. The maintenance and asset management function forms a key part of this process by monitoring/ measuring the maintenance information and using the data generated to provide insights into where maintenance budgets can be spent most cost effectively.

A Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can simplify and streamline all the day to day aspects of your maintenance program and asset management information. The information is seamlessly gathered within the CMMS and quickly accessible to provide a truly paperless process. Integrated reporting tools and dashboards give a stress-free way to have an overview of your operation and analyse data, allowing organisations the opportunity to make informed decisions to improve maintenance and ultimately the bottom line.

Implementing FixHub, (CMMS), can have many benefits across the organisation

  • Extending equipment life-cycles
  • Gaining the highest ROI on asset purchases
  • Orchestrate maintenance workflows
  • Increase staff productivity

FixHub makes it quick and simple to raise and monitor service requests which is in itself powerful, that’s not where it ends, in addition FixHub can:

  • Manage and track your service work orders where ever you are
  • Automatically create and track planned maintenance and monitor equipment warranties
  • Service provider management tools
  • Give you access to powerful self-fix tools to reduce unnecessary work
  • Ensure your contractors and service providers are compliant with your organisation’s supplier management processes
  • Allow you to specify how service requests are raised, approved and signed-off.
  • Dashboard and Reports to get to your data fast

Implementing FixHub couldn’t be easier: our support team will work with you to compile a list of facilities, assets, service companies and users so you can be up and running. Once your facility and asset register is complete, you can maximize the benefit of your FixHub deployment by the addition of self-fix information for common faults, planned maintenance schedules and custom steps in your service process.

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